Cannabis Quality Control



Cannabis Quality Control = Pharmaceutical Quality Standards

A top concern among cannabis producers is achieving and maintaining Quality Control (QC) standards in the production facility. This is where we can help you. Cannabis Quality Control (CQC) is the Microbiology Network’s new division devoted to consulting and training specifically for the Cannabis industry.

  • Differentiate your product and brand from those lacking quality standards.

  • Establish systems to consistently manufacture products of the highest quality.

  • Save money by reducing the risk of rejecting products and increase overall quality.




CQC (Cannabis Quality Control) provides training and consultation throughout the cannabis production process. We can help you develop and maintain Good Manufacturing Practice standards in your facility, diagnose problems and identify solutions which will differentiate and elevate your product and brand from those who don’t have those standards in place, save you money due to product rejection, and establish systems that support manufacturing consistent products of the highest quality.

Contamination control

We provide solutions for disinfection regimens, aseptic technique, and manufacturing personnel attire and behavior.

Standard Operating ProceduRES

We author specific SOPs, including contamination controls, investigations and microbiological testing.


We provide prescriptive investigation techniques for your unique environment and needs.


We can assist and partner with you if there is the need to address microbiological concerns with your State Board of Health.

Microbiological Testing

We provide guidance for establishing microbiological test methods.

Formulation of Edibles

Our nutritionist can work with your staff's medical doctors to formulate edibles that address specific health concerns or preferences (e.g. gluten sensitivity, diabetes, cancer).

What Our Clients Say...

Bob and his team were instrumental in helping us track down and remediate a very difficult microbiological contaminant. Bob was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with.
— NYS Medicinal Cannabis Processing Facility



We've assembled basic and customizable CQC on-site training programs geared specifically to the cannabis manufacturing community. Current curricula includes:

- Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Cannabis Quality Control
- Contamination Control for Manufacturing Personnel
- Contamination Control for Manufacturing Management



A series of webinars will be presented to discuss contamination control, environmental monitoring, SOP's and microbiological testing, as well as other topics of interest.

The initial webinar in the series, entitled "Cannabis Quality Control: Are You Ready for U.S. Federal Quality Standards" took place on Wednesday, September 12, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. (EST). 


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